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The Radiuz PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution is available for brands with a fixed group of customers and / or end users who have to or want to change their value proposition due to market changes. Due to a changed customer demand or because of of product broadening, they are looking for a revaluation of customer relationships or both. 

Developing a mobility proposition is a time-consuming, complex and expensive process. That is why we have invested in a simple, safe and reliable infrastructure that effortlessly connects with a wide variety of mobility providers.


We make our solution available as a Platform as a Service where you are given space for your own interpretation and your own corporate identity. We provide transaction processing, validation and financial settlement all supported with one nationally accepted mobility card. In this way, dozens of mobility suppliers literally become available with one integration.

The benefits of a Radiuz Whitelabel

1. Rocket launch
Developing a new platform takes a lot of time: both designing and developing it. We see that many organizations wishing to strengthen their value proposition want to apply this in the short term.
By choosing a white label you pass a complex development process allowing you to launch quickly.
In addition to being able to launch quickly, it is also very important that the platform continues to develop. If you have to do this yourself, it will also take extra time. What works? What does not? There is a long learning process.
When you choose a white label, you benefit of the knowledge and experience that Radiuz has built up for years.
The costs of developing a platform are high, and additional costs for further development are added. Because the technology changes quickly, it may be difficult to keep up with it.With a white label you can save a lot on development costs and keep up to date with the latest technologies.
We understand that you want to communicate using your own brand. This is not only beneficial for the organization itself, also mainly for customers / end users. They are used to your corporate identity and trust your brand.Confidence in your organization remains the same because the offered solution has your logo, name and colors.
Our strength lies in the development of mobility solutions. Which we have been working on for years. We have a team of various experts in the fields of mobility, development, market research, etc. Your organization has its own strength.By applying a white label, you allow your organization to focus on your own strengths.
We provide the solution to your organization. How it is marketed and what the revenue model looks like, you determine yourself.With a white label solution, you have control on how to market it.

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