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want to move freely?

Getting somewhere should be easy.

We believe that the ideal world should not restrict us in getting somewhere. If we make mobility easier for employers, transportation will be easier for employees. 

do you know your mobility targets?

What does your company’s mobility policy look like?

We all felt the impact of Corona on our mobility policy. We are stuck with old fashioned mobility solutions while the mobility needs of employees have changed tremendously.

It is time to review your mobility policy!

Do you want a flexible solution? Do you want to steer towards a more sustainable mobility usage? Would you like to stimulate vitality of your employees? Are you looking for cost reduction? Whatever you need, we have the right fit mobility solution for you.

What can Radiuz do for you?

  • Mobility consultancy
  • Access to the widest range of mobility solutions such as: public transport, Uber, car sharing, OV-fiets, parking and refueling.
  • 1 invoice for all mobility usage
  • Portal for the employer: in-depth insights and admin
  • Employee app: trip registration, automated expense process, insights, and soon: planning your trips.

a new mobility policy in 4 steps

1. Review the current situation and create a dream scenario

You need to know the facts: how many employees, locations and destinations etc. But also what are the employees’ and company’s needs?

3. Implement and start

You can start with a simple solution and build up to a richer mobility policy over time. Or you can go for the big bang. 

2. Now make it realistic

Often employers want to give more freedom to their employees, without losing control. Don’t worry, this is perfectly doable. 

4. Analyse and steer

Analysing travel data is made easy with Radiuz. That’s the main reason to just start, even if it’s with our basic solution. Then, analyse and change if needed to reach your mobility goals. 

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