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The right mobility solution can sometimes be a hassle. We help and guide employers in the entire mobility process. We provide you with information, we hook up the right stakeholders and we ask you critical questions. This is how we come together to a future-proof mobility policy that makes both employer and employee happy.

Mobility ecosystem

Radiuz offers a complete mobility ecosystem consisting of a portal for employers and an app for employees. In addition, all mobility providers come together in our ecosystem. The employer determines the frameworks for different traveler groups through the portal and employees enjoy more freedom and convenience via the app.

One supplier

The total mobility policy arranged with one supplier and one development partner:
no separate contracts with numerous suppliers.

Full insight and control

Full insight and control over the mobility policy:
- the travel behavior of employees
- the travel costs of employees
- CO2 footprint of mobility

Good employership

Flexibility in mobility for employees,
within the rules of the organization, based on objectives.

"Radiuz provides freedom of mobility for the employee and control for the employer.
This may seem a contradiction, but it's not. "

Our tools

Through our employer portal, employers always have insight into all mobility consumption. Everything is stored in one place and with our complete mobility overview you can make targeted adjustments to the set business objectives.

Employees use the Radiuz app. With this app, employees have access to a wide range of modalities and payment is automated.

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