Make use of a wide range of mobility options,
without restrictions

As an employee you often have a fixed fee for one form of transport, whether it is travelling to the office or when travelling toan appointment. A fixed fee is not always convenient and when you do choose a different means of transport, manual declarations are usually involved. With Radiuz you experience freedom and convenience in work-related transport.

freedom of mobility

Freedom to use a wide range of mobility services
Give your employees the choice with which means of transport they come to work. With our all-in-one mobility platform, you as an employer keep a grip on mobility and your employees enjoy more freedom and convenience.
Both for commuting, business and private

Both business and private (using split billing, private trips are collected monthly from the employee)

National coverage
Can be used across the country.

Radiuz app

No more manual declarations
With our app, payment is automated. Your administration is done in no time!
There is always balance on the Radiuz Pass
Insight and control of all travel transactions via the Radiuz app
Through our app you have insight into your travel transactions anytime and anywhere.

tip your employer

  • Our tip: in most cases we talk to Finance, HR, Facilities and Procurement managers / directors.