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Cardz by Radiuz offers employers a complete mobility solution. Employees have carefree access to all types of mobility with one mobility card – regardless of the mobility provider. In addition, you do not pay any transaction fees and gain online insight in all your travel transactions. We offer ease, flexibility and a personal service.

We also facilitate the financial settlement and complete invoice flow of the journeys made. For employers this means total transparency, no more hassle with declaration receipts, disbursement or declaration processes and saving on internal administration costs. That’s mobility made simple!



Cardz by Radiuz plugs in on the most extended and independent network of mobility suppliers: the Radiuz platform. The corresponding mobility card provides employees with seamless access to a variety of mobility options. The lower the barriers are to different types of mobility, the more appealing it is for employees to make smart choices.

All mobility issues can be arranged by one single point of contact. Additionally, we handle all administration about mobility professionally, based on the business rules set by the employer and taking all terms of employment into account. Our service aims to make mobility as simple as possible and facilitate this in the best way possible.


for whom

Cardz concentrates on large corporate companies in the Randstad who are in need of a smart mobility solution. We listen to the wishes of business travelers, who now have an increasing need for flexibility and independent multimodal options. In addition, we support companies who struggle to organize mobility for their employees. In short, Cardz unravels all business mobility concerns.


Single point of contact

for all your mobility concerns

Carefree access

to complete and independent mobility options

MyCardz portal

for 24/7 access to and control over management and invoice information

Less administration and declarations

monthly VAT invoice and reports based on actual costs


We had enormous problems trying to get a grip on the public transport transactions that our employees made. The collaboration with Radiuz has helped us clarify our mobility use. This gave us the opportunity to simplify our business, for ourselves and our employees. Consequently, we have saved money and broadened our mobility policy.


Contracts with multiple public transport providers and an inhouse public transport administration resulted in a high administrative burden, high costs and an ambiguous mobility policy for our employees. The collaboration with Radiuz resulted in lower costs and a decrease of administrative burden. In addition, we can now offer all our employees one mobility product and have the opportunity to expand our mobility policy.







In the old situation TPS reimbursed mobility, without facilitating it. Employees advanced mobility costs (parking and public transport) on a daily basis and afterwards submitted their claims.

TPS outsourced their business mobility to reduce administrative processes by reducing the amount of declarations and automating processes, and made business mobility a carefree and flexible option. By facilitating mobility with the Radiuz mobility card, employees do not have to advance mobility costs and are free of declaration processes. Now TPS is experienced as an attractive employer and has happy employees.

TPS applies different mobility policies, meaning not all employees have the same rights. These differences have also been implemented by Radiuz.

In December 2016 TPS started working with Radiuz. In the fist twelve months the amount of cards increased by 350% and 100% of the cards are active. The satisfaction survey held under employees shows that the user satisfaction is very high.