Radiuz gives freedom of mobility for the employee and control for the employer

We enable the use of seamless mobility. Through tailored, simple to use services and customer centric innovations. A world in motion where both employee and employer are in control. We make mobility as simple as tap water.

4 steps to a modern mobility policy

Determine the goal

Connect with the policy objectives of your organization and with the wishes of the main stakeholders.

Choose the right solution

Are you going for a kilometer allowance, mobility budget and / or reward systems? And which mobility options are in line with the policy and the locations (s)?

Implementation and start

A comprehensive and appropriate mobility solution supported with a mobility card, multimodal employee app and an extensive employer portal.

Adjust where necessary

With Radiuz everything is housed in one place. What does the data say? Do we achieve our goals with this policy or do we need to make adjustments?

The benefits for employers

The total mobility policy arranged with one supplier and also
development partner: no separate contracts with numerous suppliers

Flexibility in mobility for employees, arranged in advance according to the business rules of the organization.

  • Complete insight and control over the mobility policy in one place:
  • the travel behavior of employees
  • the travel costs of employees
  • CO2 footprint of mobility

Both employer and employees are released from invoices and loose receipts; this makes a significant difference to the administrative burden.

Thanks to our advanced third party connector, Radiuz is compatible with many existing HR, payroll, fleet management and total reward packages.

The benefits for employees

Both business and private (using split billing, private trips are collected monthly from the employee)

Can be used across the country (where our partners operate nationwide)

So your administration is done in no-time!

No need to recharge the balance, no more advance and declaration

radiuz portal

Our tools

Through our employer portal, employers always have insight into all mobility consumption. Everything is stored in one place in this portal and with our complete mobility overview you can make targeted adjustments to the set business objectives.

Employees use the Radiuz app. With this app, employees have access to a wide range of modalities and payment is automated.

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